Somewhere out in the hills right now is a hunter, miles from anywhere, with only the forest around them and the sound of the wind in the trees. There is a mysteriousness to hunting, a loneliness, a story of involvement in the natural world unfolding.

I want to share my insights into this secret and enchanting world. It is an experience that goes far beyond the pictures of dead animals depicted in hunting magazines. I live for the moment at the close of dusk, where I can stare at the skeletal black outline of a manuka tree on a ridge, cut stark against the mist. I live for the moment when the dawn sun throws plum-red beams through twisted trunks of leatherwood, where the leaves of the forest floor crackle under my palms. These are the moments seldom spoken of by hunters.​

It's the emotions and the aesthetic of hunting that I want to write about. And I mean hunting in its broadest sense, because there are so many opportunities to fish or dive in New Zealand as well. My thoughts and writing can be found in my blog and the social media below, as well as in my new book!

Richard Hall

Aotearoa New Zealand
4 December 2017

My new book is out! Published by Submarine (an imprint of Mākaro Press). You can purchase it from good New Zealand bookstores, or directly from the publisher by visiting and they will ship to international addresses too.

A short video on hunting in New Zealand
Fishing for albacore tuna - Kapiti Island, New Zealand
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